The concept

Architecture based on values, meaning and essence.

Meraki (Greek) – To do something with creativity, soul and love and put something of yourself into it.

Architecture based on values, meaning and essence.

Planning with the belief that every project is a journey into various worlds of content,

Creativity accompanied by in-depth research based on values,

A Perception that every space is a framed experience,

And a belief that architecture is a complex of worlds that live peacefully with one other.

Each project is a fascinating journey, accompanied by the excitement that the challenges and limitations summon us and by the senses that create experiences and freedom to venture within the project’s boundaries.

Architecture for me is a process of in-depth study of values and their practical expression into the space.
The end result is always in alignment with the deep essence of the people invested in the project.

The magic happens when the dream becomes a first sketch

from there we dive-in together 

into a journey of searching for more and more perspectives.

Ideas are flowing

And sometimes the solutions come from the least logical place,

And from sketch to sketch the picture becomes clearer,

The concept is taking form and the details are becoming accurate.

With 15 years of experience it excites me time and time again to take part in the lives of others and influence their experience of their home space, office and commercial space.

I invite you to get to know more about my work through the projects on my website.

If you are on the verge of a new project and you look into pouring values, meaning and essence into it, I’d be happy to meet for an introductory conversation, in which we will talk about your dreams, desires and needs and start to formulate the right concept for you.