A private home in New Jersey

Planning a private home in Tenafly, New Jersey, about 6,000 square feet in one story.

Seeing the family as an inseparable unit and the desire to strengthen the bond between its members, led naturally to a design where the bedrooms envelop the public spaces, with the exit from each room leading to the common areas, which are in the center of the house and connected to each other.

The connection between the living room, the dining, kitchen, family space and the covered patio space, makes it possible to maintain continuous contact when in use, as well as maintain regular contact with the outside, with large windows that let in light, large exit doors to the backyard, and a deck around the entire front of the house.

The kitchen was designed for both friends’ gatherings and intimate family meals, so it is equipped with double ovens with heating drawers, side-by-side refrigerators, two separate sinks and a large pantry. Next to a large kitchen island that includes 5 bar chairs. In the adjacent dining area, 2 long guest tables have been planned and designed, one for adults and the other more suitable for children.

The house has 7 bedrooms, 6 of them have a shower or bath, toilet and a walk-in closet to allow complete privacy. 

The master suite has a bathroom with double shower and a bath, the 2 children’s rooms share a bath (Jack N’ Jill) with entrance from each room, 2 additional children’s / guest rooms that share a shared shower, and another extra room that serves as an office.