An apartment in New York

Re-designed apartment at
817 West End Ave Manhattan NY.

Re-design of an old-charm 2000 square foot apartment in Manhattan, and adapting it to the lifestyle of a modern family.
Originally, the apartment was dark and unventilated, the spaces were detached from one another, and there were some 750 square foot of unused hallways and entrances. The challenge was to find the thin thread that’s between connection and separation to create harmony, flow, preservation and renewal.
The new design included the elimination of hallways, breaking down some walls and dismantling partitions that allowed for a natural flow of light and air, a proper balance between the need for privacy and the need for connection, and a combination of preserving the beauty of “old charm” and a fresh and up-to-date design.
The thinking and design solution of the apartment were accompanied by the concept of connections – in the belief that where there is separation there is room for connection.
It was a connection between the old (a 1920 building) and contemporary, weaving a connection between the design of an apartment that was originally built with its spaces separated, and the needs of a cohesive family of our time.
The Peres family’s apartment project was published in the New York Times on December 12, 2012